What is leasing?

Leasing is a financial agreement between two parties, the Lessor and the Lessee for the rental of an asset for a specific period of time in return of specified payments. Basically, leasing is a medium-term financing instrument for procurement of equipment, machinery, vehicles and/or other assets. It allows one party, the Lessee, to use an asset that is owned by another party, the Lessor. The Lessee uses the leased object which is owned by the Lessor and makes regular lease payments according to the lease agreement signed by both parties. At the maturity of the leasing agreement, the ownership of the leased asset can be transferred to the Lessee at a symbolic cost. Thus, the financial leasing is similar to Ijara, an Islamic mode of financing that is used for procurement of equipment and machinery.

Main participants of the leasing operation:

  • Lessor
  • Lessee
  • Supplier
  • Insurer

Lessor–an entity which acquires the object of lease requested by the Lessee for its subsequent transfer to the Lessee under the lease agreement.

Lessee–an entity that, in accordance with the lease agreement is obliged to accept the leasing object for a fee, for a certain period of time and on certain conditions for temporary possession and use.

Supplier or vendor– an entity that sells to the Lessor the leasing object according to the sales contract with the specifications agreed between the Lessor and Lessee on the basis of the lease agreement. The seller is obliged to transfer the object of lease to either the Lessor or the Lessee as per the terms of the sales contract.

Insurer – is an insurance company that insures the leasing object in accordance with the terms of leasing agreement. It gets involved in the transaction of leasing by providing insurance coverage for equipment, machinery, transport and other types of assets and covers potential risks associated with the leased asset and/or lease transaction

Why ASR Leasing?

“ASR Leasing” LLC continues to be an important player in Tajikistan’s leasing sector. During its operations in the leasing market, “ASR Leasing” LLC has established itself as a reliable strategic partner and has become one of the leading leasing companies in Tajikistan. Our dynamic and experienced staff respond efficiently to customers’ needs, which increase the quality of leasing services and customer satisfaction.Your leasing needs can be fulfilled at ASR Leasing. We lease any equipment, machinery or other assets with repayment structures that suits each client’s individual requirements and specifications.

Who can apply for leasing?

Leasing is open to all legal entities duly established and registered in accordance with the existing legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Legal entities that need to upgrade or modernize their production capacities, can take advantage of lease financing for procurement of various types of equipment and machinery.

Advantages of leasing

  • Medium term financing
  • Convenience of leasing over traditional bank loans
  • Flexible payment terms
  • No large cash payments to purchase necessary equipment
  • Frees up your working capital
  • Easy management of cash flow and budget
  • Effective way for updating or renovating fixed assets.

Terms and conditions of leasing

Main Leasing Terms:

  • Term–12 months to 48 months
  • Advance payment – 20% or higher
  • Profit rate – on the basis of lease agreement
  • Administration fee – 1% from the amount paid by  leasing company
  • Currency – USD
  • Collateral – real estate property
  • Insurance – the leasing object must be insured for the whole period

Basic criteria for eligibility of leasing project:


  • Lessee should be a legal entity
  • Good financial reports
  • Good professional experience
  • Good credit history
  • Potential customers should not be engaged in gambling, alcohol, tobacco and other prohibited activities.